About Us

Cyberia Hosting offers affordable IT solutions in their facilities. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Cyberia Hosting offer great solutions for your all of  IT and data needs.

Cyberia Hosting Facilities

We offer equal, if not greater, facilities compared to conventional datacenters at a fraction of the price. By avoiding the downtown core of any city, our location alone allows us to significantly drop our prices by up to 30% of our competition by utilizing cheaper real estate and lower taxes.

Main features:

  • Climate Control: Dual Multi Ton Coolers, Hepa, Dehumidifiers, Sensory Control
  • Security: Infrared, Access Control Doors, CCTV, Broadcast, On- and off-site monitoring, Internal AV Motion Sensory
  • Monitoring: AV, Motion, Infrared, Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Electricity, Port, Switch, Router, Fiber
  • Multiple mega-capacity BGP fiber links and high availability bandwidth
  • Enterprise class equipment & hardware
  • Generators and Fully redundant UPS power N+1
  • Temperature and humidity control systems N+1
  • Systems tested routinely to ensure ‘readiness’
  • Enterprise level security and best practices
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Raised floors
  • Fire suppressant system
  • Experienced Network & Systems Administration support staff on-site
  • Continues Support.

about image 2Our location’s primary perimeter is monitored both off site and on site by a vast number of security measures such as, infrared motion sensors; closed circuit and public Internet broadcast cameras. We employ a number of technologies in redundancy to ensure both the physical security of your server, as well as best environment for your server.  We do everything to ensure problems are prevented, not simply fixed after the fact.

about image 3Our staff work closely with engineers from other companies throughout the Toronto area and World Wide to ensure great peering, and a steady reliable connection for your servers. For servers that are maintained by Cyberia Hosting, such as web-servers, we use both raid technology, and off-site backups to ensure that your data is safe, and secure at all times. These services, on top of escorted physical access (Bulk Services un-escorted) allow you absolute access and flexibility with your server. On-site staff can also provide hardware repairs and maintenance for non-local clients at additional rates.

Cyberia Hosting offer all types of hosting services plus other IT solutions including but not limited to: dedicated servers, managed servers, co-located, virtual private servers, virtual networked servers in addition to our consultation services.

If you have any further inquires please contact us at: [email protected]