Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Cyberia hosting has produced this privacy statement in order to exhibit our firm dedication to protecting your privacy and the security of your personal data.

Cyberia Domains will never reveal or pass any of its customers information to any third party. Cyberia Domains will never use the information provided by its customer for advertising or publicity or marketing purposes.

Your personal information will only be made known where authority for disclosure is made at your request, with your consent and where there is a legal or regulatory obligation to do so.
Our backup service is provided as an optional service to you and therefore, Cyberia Web Hosting will be in no way held responsible for the files stored in your account. You, as a customer, agree to take full responsibility for all the files in your account and to maintain an appropriate backup of the data stored on our servers. We will back up the files located in the /www folder of your account, as well as the databases you have created.

1-Provide true, accurate, current and complete information about themselves as prompted by the registration form of the Service
2- Maintain the backup files on a scheduled period of time to make sure backup is being taken correctly.
Cyberia Web Hosting expressly forbids any breach of Federal, State or Local regulation, including, but not limited to, the transmission of: copyrighted material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, and material protected by trade secrets. Cyberia Web Hosting servers CANNOT be used for the propagation, distribution, housing, processing, storing, or handling in any way of lewd, obscene, adult or pornographic material, or any other material which is considered impermissible by the company’s Terms of Service (this document). Customers may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any Cyberia Web Hosting Services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any Cyberia Web Hosting Services, through hacking, password mining or other means.
4- Maintain payments on time. Any delay will cause suspension of service and accounts lock out plus a late payment fees of 10% of the total invoice amount.
5- Provide any changes to the contact details, customers are obliged to notify Cyberia Web Hosting in the course of 12 business days after the changes become valid.