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Custom Hosting Plan

– Custom hosting plan – 2 Domains – – Good for small business or personal sites. – Control panel: Directadmin (included) – Databases included . – Connection speed: 100 MBPS – Space:Read More…


CL Dedicated server sbs2co

Cloud dedicated server. Service: Sbsgulf services / OpenMaint. Monthly plan (No subscription) Total: $100 Renewal date: Every 28th of the month. Dear client, you can pay by clicking on the Link below:Read More…


TG Custom colo

– Server Co-location plan – Server co-location: – Server size/space needed: 1U/ – Power 1.5amp – Monthly bandwith included 1000Gb – IPs included 2IPs – Uplink port speed: 100mbps Sub total: $90Read More…


SSL / Installation 2 years

SSL Purchase and installation service (2 Years) Total: $40/USD (2 Years) Dear client, you can pay by clicking on the button below: Privacy Policy | Refund Policy



C-Dedicated server. Service: Bulk Server / Connections and support Monthly plan / Auto renewal Initial setup cost: $224 Extra band: $80 (full month) Discount (processing fees): -4 Total: $300 Dear client, youRead More…


CL – Dedicated server custom plan

-Dedicated server custom plan- -CPU: Intel Quad-Core Xeon. -RAM: 24GB -Storage: 2000GB -Band: 5000GB/M -Payment cycle: Monthly -Including basic OS management. -Price: $220 Month ( 0 setup fees) Inc. (Ohio, USA)Read More…


Dedicated Server MS997

-Dedicated server- -CPU: Intel Quad-Core Xeon 2.5GHz -RAM: 16GB -Storage: 1TB -Operating System: Windows 2012 R2 -Control panel: Plesk web edition. -Price: $145 usd/Month ( 0 setup fees) Inc. (Ohio, USA)Read More…


Cloud Dedicated Server (Custom)

 Custom Plan – Cloud Dedicated Server Your own private server, hosted in our Cloud. – CPUS: 4 vCPUS – XEON – RAM: 24 GB. – HDD: 2000GB (Scalable) – Bandwidth: 5000GB/m –Read More…