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Cloud Dedicated Server (Custom)

 Custom Plan – Cloud Dedicated Server Your own private server, hosted in our Cloud. – CPUS: 4 vCPUS – XEON – RAM: 24 GB. – HDD: 2000GB (Scalable) – Bandwidth: 5000GB/m –Read More…



C-Dedicated server. Service: Bulk Server / Connections and support Monthly plan / Auto renewal Initial setup cost: $224 Extra band: $80 (full month) Discount (processing fees): -4 Total: $300 Dear client, youRead More…


Custom Server Plan 45caSub

Custom Server plans: – 4 core CPU (XEON vCPUs – Reduced) – 2 GB Memory – 50 GB Storage – 2500GB Transfer – IPv4 / IPv6 – OS: UNIX, Linux, Vmware –Read More…


Service fees $100 (One Time)

Service: Server upgrade. – Memory upgrade for 5 monthx (5 x 20 = $100) Dear client, you can pay by clicking on the button below: [asp_product id=”1968″] Privacy Policy | Refund Policy


Advanced hosting plan

– Advanced hosting plan – – Good for small to Medium sites. – CPU speed: Intel XEON 2.xGHz (Higher CPU time than basic plan) – Control panel: DirectAdmin (included) – Databases andRead More…



Standard Re-seller-2 plan. – Price: $239.70/Semi-Annual (6 Months) Pay using credit card: Or, Pay using paypal: Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Cyberia ComputersRead More…


Yearly hosting cdn100

– Yearly hosting plan – – CPU speed: Intel XEON – Control panel: Directadmin (included) – Databases and email included . – Space: 3000 MB – Connection speed: 100 MBPS – OS:Read More…


Custom Server Plan – Sub99Mi

Plan 1 – Cloud Dedicated: Your own private server, hosted in our Cloud. – CPU speed: Intel XEON quad core ~2.x Ghz – CPU Cores: 4 cores – Memory: 4GB RAM –Read More…


Domain RegRenew-stpus

– Domain registration – Domain Registration / Renewal cost: Total: $20.00 / year Dear client, you can pay by clicking on the button below:


Basic Sub80Ca

– Basic hosting plan – – Good for small business or personal sites. – Compatible with wordpress or major blogs plus any php/mysql sites. – Control panel: Directadmin (included / non-windows) –Read More…