Co-location vs in-house

Why should any company/business co-locate their servers at a data center?

1- Reduce costs by more than 50% (Hardware replacement/maintenance cost, Office power cost, link/bandwidth cost and IT team cost)

2- Data center have layered security

3- Disaster recovery and redundancy (data and link redundancy – do not put all servers in one location.)

4- On site support services.

5- UPS and power generator backup.

6- Greatly diminishing any loss of mission critical data due to fire, theft, vandalism or loss of power.

7- Faster connectivity speed.

8- Let your IT team focus on your core business to be more successful

9- You can still access your servers anytime physically or remotely.

10- Adhering to industry standards.

in conclusion it is cheaper, better and safer to have your servers in a data center.